Real Fan Polls - Third Edition - Sugar Bowl/Orange Bowl/Super Bowl
Real Fan Polls - Third Edition - Sugar Bowl/Orange Bowl/Super Bowl
17 Oct 2018

This week, our Real Fan Poll takes a look at the Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, and the Super Bowl.

The 2019 Sugar Bowl this season will match up the top team from the SEC and the top team from the Big 12 (unless one of those teams qualifies for the CFP, then the next highest team in their conference plays). Our fans rank Georgia as the top team most likely to play in the Sugar Bowl, followed by Alabama and then LSU. According to the AP Poll, those are clearly the top dogs in the SEC, but with Alabama rolling and most likely heading to another CFP, it is more likely that LSU and Georgia will be battling it out for a spot in the Sugar Bowl.

This year’s Orange Bowl will be part of the CFP semi-finals, meaning any team ranked in the top four at the end of the year can find a way into this game. Fans seem to think Ohio State is the team most likely to make an appearance. Notre Dame comes in at number two with Alabama coming in at third. All three of these teams are currently undefeated and very well could be in the CFP. SBNation college football expert Jason Kirk agrees that Alabama, Notre Dame, and Ohio State are among the four teams as of now most likely to make the CFP, with Clemson coming in as his fourth.

As the only undefeated team left in the NFL, it only seems right that our fans have the L.A. Rams as their top team so far this season. Due to the nature of the low prices for teams with the least chances of making the Super Bowl, the Arizona Cardinals and the Buffalo Bills are the second and third teams most picked by our fans up to this point. While any expert would agree the Rams are the clear favorite in the NFC, a chance for the Cardinals to make a legit playoff push is all but impossible at this point. Although the Bills have seemed to improve from the first couple weeks of the season, a Super Bowl appearance this year isn’t even worth a second thought.

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