Real Fans Poll - Sixth Edition - AFC/NFC Divisional/CFP
Real Fans Poll - Sixth Edition - AFC/NFC Divisional/CFP
08 Nov 2018

What is the Real Fans Poll?

ShooWin’s Real Fans Poll is a weekly forecast of the top three teams that are predicted to reach a certain postseason game. The ShooWin data is compiled from its patented platform which measures fan behavior, by team, for almost every postseason pro and college game. The Real Fans Poll is paired against well-known sports writers or analysts’ predictions for the same postseason games to see if Real Fans know better than the experts.

The Picks!

In this week’s edition of the Real Fans Poll, we will be looking at the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, as well as the overall College Football Playoffs.

This week’s NFL expert will be ESPN’s, Kevin Seifert. Seifert’s article this week details what the NFL playoff picture would be if the playoffs started this week. Our Real Fans data for this week has the top three AFC contenders as the three teams in Seifert’s article that would be the top three seeds if the playoffs began today. Top-seeded Kansas City Chiefs, followed by the New England Patriots, with the Pittsburgh Steelers coming in at number three. The Chiefs and the Pats would automatically be in the Divisional Round due to their first-round byes as the top two seeds. The Steelers, on the other hand, would have to survive a Wild Card round game to advance to the Divisional Round.

The NFC seems to be a more open division in terms of competitive teams. Seifert has the L.A. Rams as the top seed, followed by the New Orleans Saints. Our Real Fans data has the inverse, as fans believe that last week’s Saints victory over the Rams will have the Saints getting the top overall seed in this year’s NFC playoffs. With both teams in the Divisional Round following their first-round byes, both Seifert and the fans have the third-ranked Chicago Bears as the next highest team in the NFC. The College Football Playoff begins to take shape more with each passing week, with the CFP Rankings now officially coming out each week.

Our CFP expert for this week is CBS Sports’, Jerry Palm. Undoubtedly both the fans and Palm have Alabama as their number one seed. While Palm has Clemson as his second team just behind Alabama, the fans are placing Michigan as their number two team thanks to their blowout victory over Penn State this past week. Palm and the fans agree on the third overall team, Notre Dame. It is worth noting that Palm has Michigan as his number four team, and expects them to also make the CFP as well.

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