ShooWin Guarantees Face Value Tickets by ShooWin Staff Writer
ShooWin Guarantees Face Value Tickets by ShooWin Staff Writer
12 Aug 2018

With the start of football season right around the corner, most fans begin to speculate whether or not their team will make it to the playoffs or championships.  Whether it’s the CFP National Championship, Big 10Rose Bowl, Celebration Bowl, Las Vegas Bowl or New Orlean Bowl - you’re definitely starting to wonder how you’ll afford a big game ticket.

There’s a good chance that the price of college football tickets will seem exceptionally high to you and it’s likely the market is to blame.  Here’s the inside scoop: sports venues are now pricing tickets similarly to the way secondary markets have done for a long time. They take into consideration things like team statics, geography, weather and even fan demographics like household income.  After reviewing all of these factors, a price is determined. However; it’s unfortunate that you’ll most likely pay quite a bit over face value because once your team gets close to making the big game, your tickets will be extremely expensive.

And, this situation doesn’t only happen with college football.  It’s prevalent for every sport. Investopedia reports The range between the lowest and highest priced ticket in each sport is large. In football, the highest average price is more than twice the price of the cheapest ticket. The reason, according to the New York Times, is that sports tickets are viewed as commodities. Just as the price of gold is based on a complex set of economic factors, the price of game tickets includes a host of variables.

Most professional teams use dynamic ticket pricing, a method that allows executives to re-price tickets based on real world factors. Much like the airline industry re-prices tickets daily to reflect factors such as the price of jet fuel, ticket prices are adjusted in response to demand and other variables. Using Major League Baseball as an example - If an upcoming baseball game features a popular opponent or the opposing teams' major stars, then ticket prices will rise.  If the team is in playoff contention or is playing another team that may get a post-season berth, box offices adjust prices for what they believe will be increased demand. Everything from winning streaks to weather conditions may affect prices.

So, how is the fan supposed to buy tickets without overpaying?  

Don’t worry about it - ShooWin has revolutionized the online ticketing industry.  Here’s how it works:

ShooWin offers fans reservations on postseason sports game tickets long before the tickets become available from those well-known online ticket companies or ticket brokers.   The fan chooses the team, the game, seating section, and the number of tickets. ShooWin collects the reservation fee, and if the team makes the chosen game, the fan receives the tickets at face value. If the team chosen does not make the game, or is eliminated, ShooWin keeps the reservation cost which it shares with its ticket partners.  

Did you just say I’ll pay face value for my ticket when others are paying crazy money for their tickets?

Yes, if you place your bid or reservation and your team makes the game, you’ll receive your ticket at face value. ShooWin’s fans deserve to pay a reasonable price and delivers by guaranteeing face value tickets plus launching to further remind its consumers of the company’s commitment to always offer fair and reasonable pricing.  

The new domain will also be featured in an upcoming media campaign broadcasted on the Eleven Sports network, available in 55 million homes throughout the United States.  Eleven’s U.S. coverage focuses on emerging and mainstream sports content that is not readily available, providing a destination for under-represented fans who want to engage around their favorite sports, for fans who are looking for unique events, and for fans looking for new and exciting ways to consume sports.

Currently, ShooWin is offering reservations for highly anticipated games such as:

  • 2018 NBA Eastern Conference Finals

  • 2018 NBA Finals

  • 2018 Stanley Cup Finals

  • 2018 World Series

  • 2019 CFP National Championship

  • 2019 Super Bowl LIII

This is ShooWin’s biggest year yet and and there are big expansion plans on the horizon.

ShooWin has purchased a portfolio of intellectual property and cross licenses. The patents cover a wide variety of rights to purchase a reservation on a ticket – whether that is airfare, hotel and hospitality, or  contingent sports events where the teams are not yet determined.

Imagine being able to plan a trip to the World Series — pay a nominal fee to reserve baseball tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, and airfare — all without having to fully commit until you know your team is actually going!

So, if you are a sport fan and are looking for a complete experience and ShooWin is going to deliver for you. You can browse current open reservation markets on or

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