ShooWin, Inc. is on the rise and it is the next Big Thing for Sports Fans by Stephen Hiegel
ShooWin, Inc. is on the rise and it is the next Big Thing for Sports Fans by Stephen Hiegel
06 Sep 2018

Every College Basketball fan dreams of going to the Final Four in hopes that their team will cut down the nets and hoist the Championship Trophy. As the NCAA Tournament progresses each season avid fans watch and hope that this will be the season that their dreams come true. Once the day arrives and your team has clinched a spot in the Final Four then you go about booking your trip. You can book the flight and hotel with relative ease but the hard part becomes when you have to buy a ticket. ShooWin makes this problem much easier to solve.

ShooWin’s Face Value Ticketing Model: ShooWin offers fans reservations on postseason sports game tickets long before the tickets become available from traditional online ticket companies or ticket brokers. At ShooWin, the fan chooses the team, the game, the seating zone, and the number of tickets. ShooWin charges a reservation fee. If the team makes the chosen game, the fan receives the tickets at face value. The fan can also resell their reservation through ShooWin’s marketplace, setting the asking price.

For a nominal fee at the beginning of the season you can bet your team will make it to the big game. Once your team clinches a spot you can buy the ticket for face value. That's incredible!! For most fans the price of the ticket is what keeps them from attending a major sporting event. I spoke to a University of Georgia graduate the morning of the 2018 NCAA Football Championship Game and he told me the ticket prices were $1,300.00 a piece and he was trying to buy 2 tickets. For both he and his son to attend the game it would have cost him $2,600.00 plus airfare, hotel, etc. That's ludicrous! If he used ShooWin's service at the beginning of the season he could have paid a small reservation fee and then paid face value for 2 tickets to the Championship Game against Alabama. He and his son could have had the experience of a lifetime at a much cheaper cost. Their friends and family members would have been shocked when they told them that they were going to the NCAA CFP Championship Game and only paying face value for the ticket while everyone else was paying $1,000.00 or more per ticket. Using ShooWin also gives the fan the ability to spend more on a car rental and a hotel as their ticket cost is much less than the average fan that is attending the game.

I predict that ShooWin will revolutionize the ticketing industry in the next several years and help allow more consumers to attend major Sporting Events at a very low cost. I am anxious to see what the future will bring in regards to ShooWin. I know I will take advantage of their services whenever I can as it is the best deal by far for major Sporting Events.

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