What Makes People Love Sports by ShooWin Staff Writer
What Makes People Love Sports by ShooWin Staff Writer
20 Aug 2018

Summer is winding down and we all know what that means—MLB divisional championships, the World Series, and the beginning of the football season, college and NFL. For sports fans, we are entering one of the best times of the year.

To understand how much people love sports, let’s look at how much Americans spend on sports. According to Marketwatch.com, over a 12 month period from 2016 to 2017, “Americans spent a whopping $100 billion on sports — and over half of it on sporting events. They spent $56 billion on attending sporting events, including sports tickets, transportation, food and beverages, according to the survey, which sampled over 1,000 adults.” Wow! That’s a lot of love to spend that much money.

So, what makes us spend so much money in the name of “the love of sports”? For many, sports are fun, pure entertainment. Get tickets to the game and you are taken to another world, even if for just a couple of hours. Nothing beats game day excitement and the unpredictability of the outcome. Even if your team doesn’t win, it is still pure bliss for the love of the game.

Sports nurtures friendships and lifetime bonds. There is nothing better than getting together with your friends and family to watch the game or just play sports in the yard. Sports creates memories and instills a sense of camaraderie. Sports also has a way of bringing communities together, rallying behind your local team no matter your age, race, or background—all that matters are your team and the game! I’m sure you’ve been to a sporting event and had an instant connection with someone because you love the same team or player. Even if only for 120 minutes, you have a new friend because of sports.

Competition. People love sports, watching or playing, because we strive to be the best, whether we have the best team (yes, it is our team, the team is a part of us) or are the best player on the team. Participating in sports (watching or playing) helps us learn about competition and teamwork, which, in turn, helps us in our daily life in coping with our wins and our losses.

Inspiration. Sports inspires us in many ways. Watching our favorite athletes makes us strive to be more fit and healthier, to push ourselves to do more, and to be our best self. Watching our favorite teams win the big game lets us believe the dream we thought impossible, believing inspires our inner self to be more hopeful and positive.

If you’re reading this, you are probably a sports fan. Do you ever think about what makes people love sports? Why do you love sports? Are you competitive? Love the camaraderie of your fellow sports fans? Played sports as a kid, or still do? Or, just love the games? Whatever the reason, ShooWin has you covered.

At ShooWin, we know sports fans and that’s why we sell reservations for highly anticipated, contingent playoff and championship games, allowing fans to purchase tickets at face value. And ShooWin now features the College Football Playoff Championship, all New Year’s Six Bowls, five College Football Conference Championships, the entire NFL post-season, MLB’s divisional championships, and the World Series. Now that’s a lot to love. Visit ShooWin.com today and purchase your reservation to the next big game!

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